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03 Bridal Satin

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What it is:
A coveted professional eye shadow palette that can be used for shading, highlighting, and defining eyes, brows, and the contours of the face.

What it does:
Get professional quality eye looks with these versatile 12-shade palettes. Viseart’s coveted, bestselling palettes are reliable film-tested professional products, a staple in every artist’s kit, and they’re the work horse of all professional artists. These palettes have a dynamic cult following throughout all levels of artistry. Manufactured in France, Viseart’s proprietary formula is created in small tightly-controlled batches to maintain pigment quality, powder integrity, and consistency. Viseart is the “secret sauce” for top Hollywood makeup artists, as well as makeup artist enthusiasts of all genres.

What else you need to know:

The 01 Neutral Matte eye shadow palette is perfect for creating a “nude face,” and it features a core neutral palette in beige to brown tones that are ideal for shading, highlighting, and defining eyes, brows, or facial contours. 

The 03 Bridal Satin eye shades feature soft, satin-textured shadows for smooth and even application. These shades photograph beautifully, and they are ideal for adding light and accentuating dimension. 
The opulent shades of the 05 Sultry Muse palette offer a myriad of satin to metallic textures. They were created backstage on Hollywood sets by top makeup artists, and they’re perfect for creating chic, elegant, or fashion forward eye looks, as well as for highlighting and contouring the face. Use them to illuminate and define with a subtle glow or show-stopping smoky eyes with this palette’s gold to black smoke to espresso hues. 

Create saturated eye looks with the 06 Paris Nudes palette, inspired by Parisian fashion week collections. This sophisticated palette features radiant textures in satins and shimmers in colors that range from sage to smoky plum to brun rose colors, and it combines sheer and deep pigments for a smooth, even application. This versatile palette will ensure that you flaunt modern and chic makeup looks. 

These products are not tested on animals, contain organic ingredients, and they are free of silicone, petrochemicals, and mineral oil.


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