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BBF Heart

IDR 490.000

Give one. Keep one. Blend. Repeat. 

Limited-edition heart-shaped packaging breaks apart so you can give the gift of an unbeatable bounce to your bestie.

With two original beautyblender® makeup sponges and blendercleanser® samples, this set is the key to show your bestie to never settle for less than the ultimate in flawless makeup application.

Give one. Keep one. Blend. Repeat. With the soft, exclusive material from beautyblender, your friend will be hooked from the first bounce. Like your friendship, the beautyblender quality cannot be duplicated, so, you both will be putting your best face forward. 

Both fun and functional, you’ll fall in love with the heart shaped packaging which allows you to store your blender. Plus, the perforated back allows for air circulation so your blender can dry properly.

What else you need to know: 
The unique edgeless shape and exclusive material available only with beautyblender® ensures impeccable, streak-free application with minimum product waste. Use with foundations, powders and any other complexion product. 

beautyblender's unique material is aqua-activated. When wet, it expands to about twice its size and becomes super soft to create an even, smooth blend & bounce, returning to its original size when it air dries. 

beautyblender has chosen to use non-toxic, water-soluble dyes. For this reason, your beautyblender may shed dye for the first couple of washes – similar to a pair of blue jeans. Once you squeeze the water out of the beautyblender, the excess dye is removed as well. The dye does not transfer to the skin. 


02 April 2016
Beauty Pink
adong mega
Isi 2 + box lbh ekonomis jdnya,pas nyobain n trnyata ngembang itu rasanya hepi banget,dpake ke muka tuh lembut bgt,foundie jd merata,beda deh,akibat si beauty pink yg satu ini.for me this one is smart choice